My Approach

lakeAs a practitioner psychologist, my decisions are based on current research combined with clinical experience and client preferences.  This is based on the NICE guidelines for how best to support mental health.  I tailor my approach to the person I am seeing and what issue they are coming to me with.  I have a special interest in trauma and have worked with combat veterans and survivors of childhood abuse who have coped with incredible amounts of stress.  My area of expertise is in recovery from coercive control.  I am always in awe of the resilience and strength people I have witnessed through my work.  I gain real joy in seeing people begin to enjoy their lives that bring meaning to my work.

I believe there are ways of viewing and coping with difficulty that build resilience.  I am a scientist practitioner at heart and excited with advances in understanding the neuroplasticity of the brain.  I bring my combined knowledge of psychological research with my years of clinical experience to your situation, and from there we can discuss your options.  As an integrative practitioner, I draw from humanistic, cognitive-behavioural, systemic and trauma-informed strategies depending on your therapy goal.  I welcome further questions about my training or my approach over the phone or in person.