Why Visit a Psychologist

wadi abyadPsychological well-being has been massively under-valued in western society when ultimately our state of mind and internal state is the foundation to a satisfied and meaningful life.  A private confidential space may be the first step to figuring out what is causing you distress, or maybe emotional health has been an ongoing challenge and now it is time for change.  I believe that everyone deserves to not only be free of distressing symptoms but also to flourish and find joy in their lives. 

It is understandable to be nervous about how therapy works or overwhelmed with how to proceed with getting mental health support.  The most important component to a successful experience of therapy is the relationship with the professional you will work with.   Meeting or speaking with a few therapists to get a feel for who you think may be a good fit for you – professional websites and how people describe themselves will hopefully give you some indication of who may be able to help you.