A few testimonials received at the end of therapy

…a thousand thank you's will never be enough…thank you for listening to my journey, connecting to my tears and for always demonstrating genuine empathy, articulation and accountability towards our sessions…(2019)

…I look at people, my life, my family and the world differently and I can’t thank you enough…(2019)

...I have hope back...many many thanks…(2019)

…I have been judged all my life but you gave me the confidence to be myself…(2018)

…it has been your guidance, support and wisdom that has shed light into corners of my world that I left in the dark for so long…(2018)

…there was a time when I felt completely hopeless and the time I have had with you has changed my life, I feel excited for the future…You have always been so kind, understanding and compassionate.  I feel grateful to have had you as my therapist…(2017)